"See ya later, Rose," Thorn says hugging me.

"Bye bye." I say, smushed into his chest. I wave and turn into science. Yay, science. My favourite... Not!

I walk into the over crowded room, Sandy glowers at me as I enter. "Hello, how are you?" I say, smiling my biggest smile. She lifts her nose in the air and turns away, oooh, get you. I smile and shake my head at her.

I slide into my seat next to Daisy, "Hey."

"Hey," she replys. I glance over to Willow and see her peeking out of the corner of her eye at someone new.

"Who's the new guy?"


"As in the big, slobbery, killer dog, wolf?"

"Yep," she says smiling.

"Huh," I say thoughtfully.

"Miss Bush," Yes, I am called Rose Bush, don't ask. "Please answer the question."

"What question?"

"The question on the board."

"There is no question on the board."

"Yes, yes there is."

"No, no there's not."



"Is!" She yells.

"NOT!" I yell back, God, I love arguing with teachers and being right.

"There. Is." she says, going red.

"Miss, there isn't. All that is on the board is a doodle of, well, what I assume is your head."


"There's your hea-"

"I heard what you said!" I screams.

"Then why did you ask....."

She 'AGGH's and storms out of the classroom. I turn to my friends, "So, how are you all?"

They all look at me, as if I just admitted I actually came from Venus.

The End

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