Willow: WeirdMature

Wolf ends up sitting next to me and I can't help but fidget. I turn to Daisy. "This is just weird" I whisper to her gesturing Wolf whose just leaning lazily back in his chair.

Daisy looks round me and study's him carfully. "He's really cute why didn't Sandy get him?" she whispers back.

"She tried but strange thing is he completely ignored her"

"What?" she cries but makes sure to keep it quiet we both turn to look at him and notice his heads slightly tilted in our direction. I swirl back to face Daisy.

"God he really is cute" Daisy whispers.

"That's what I'm worried about..... If he has the looks why doesn't he want the popularity?"

"Same reason you don't. It's crowded" Daisy whispers.

"We're meeting Rose next period I'm gonna get a full report" I sigh.

"Okay class" we turn to face the teacher and begin the lesson.

I begin to doodle in my note book but continue to listen.... obviously the teacher doesn't think I am.

"Miss Willow" I look up. "Care to answer question six"

"Je ne peux pas aller faire des courses en ce moment" I say without slight hesitation. The teacher glares at me for a secound before turning back to the board.

"I can't believe your so good at french and have only be learning it for a year" Daisy whispers.

I blush. "Right, question 4 Miss Willow"

"Je souhaite acheter un pull-over" I say once again getting it perfectly right.

"May I ask Miss Willow that you stop chatting to your friend and watch the board" the teacher almost hisses at me.

"Yes, sir" I say smiling. He turns back to the board and I do a sick sort of gesture making Daisy laugh.

"He's quite harsh" Wolf mutters. I turn and look at him to see him leaning forward on the table.

"Yeah, well that's our french teacher for you.... Mr....Uh"

"Mr Falson" Wolf tells me tilting his head to seem like he's looking in my direction but I can't tell cause of that stupid hat.

"Yeah that's it" I mutter.

"Now class, write down questions 1 to 13" Mr Falson says and I don't get another chance to talk to Wolf for the rest of the lesson. But luckily it seems he's in my next class.

The End

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