Daisy: LibraryMature

I finish the book and put it back on the shelf. Then I check my watch. 8:50. I should go. I push my black-framed glasses up my nose, get my bag and walk toward the door. Just outside I find Willow, and a guy I don't recognise. He's pretty cute, I wonder if Sandy's ill today? 

"Hey, Willow, who's this?" I ask, looking questioningly at her, asking with my red brown eyes what happened to Sandy.

"This is Wolf, he's new," she replies, then whispers "Tell you more later, ok?"

"Sure," I say. A few locks of my light blonde hair fall into my face. I pull it back and tie it up with a red ribbon out of my pocket.

"Come on, let's get to lesson," she says. We link arms and Wolf walks on the other side. I see Sandy down the corridor, looking confused, but more angry.

The End

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