Wings of BlackMature

A young girls life is sent on a spin when a new boy moves to town.
He's mysterious and pure bad boy.
What will happen?


I walk to school silently. Rose, Daisy and Thorn will all be at school by now.

I wonder how Thorn and Rose are doing... They've been dating over the summer holidays.

I turn a corner and thwack.

"I'm sorry" I shout looking up. I gasp my violet eyes going wide.

"It's okay" he says. He's almost perfect.... If only I could see his eyes, that baseball cap is hiding them. "Excuse me, I was wondering where Saint John's High School was?"

"Saint John's High School.... You're the new classmate" I say gasping. I stick my hand out. "The name's Willow"

"Like the tree?" he asks smiling almost making me faint. He works that body so well, from his black ruffled hair to gorgeous designer black boots.

"Yeah, like the tree" I say pushing back a stray curl that fallen into my face. I push it back to join my long hip length set of mouse brown curls and smile.

"Name's Wolf" he says.

"And you thought my name was weird" I mutter and he chuckles under his breath.

"I'll show you to the school..... Its that way" I say pointing behind him. He steps aside allowing me to walk in front.

Ahhh, such a gentalman.

"So, why you move here?" I ask.

"Change of scenery" he says looking down at me. A thing I hate about myself. I'm quite small, especially my face which is elengant but like Rose always says look like its going to break if I smile.

Which obviously it doesn't that would be wierd.

"There it is" I say pointing up at the new building. It has large silver fence going round it which is slightly scary.

Then is one of those new schools all of the wood and glass structure and all that.

"Charming" he mutters. I follow his eyes to The Group.

"Uh, thats Sandy and the Muppets as we call them" I say gesturing the girl in the middle. She has tumbling blond hair and bright baby blue eyes..... then tons of make up.

She then has her followers. Jessica and Catherine.

Jessica being the girl with tied up black hair, tall lanky body and muddy brown eyes standing out against her extremely pale skin. Then Catherine has naturally tanned skin and has reddy brown hair all straightened with a side fringe, her eyes are a cat like green and she thin and probably adverage height.

"They seem to like attention" Wolf mutters.

"Yeah" I say seeing the boys gawking expressions and the girls jelous but awed expression, maybe even a hint of slight desperation to be called upon.

"I'll take you to the office" I look left then right before crossing the street to school.

"Willow" I hear a voice call sweetly. I grind my teeth and plaster on a fake smile as I turn to Sandy.

She stands with the Muppets at her heels and the large group of followers behind.

"How about you introduce me to your little friend?" She says.

"Sure... this is Wolf, he's the new guy in our class" I mutter gesturing him with a hand before letting it drop.

He's a lost cause now. I sigh.

"I'm going to find Daisy" I mutter.

"Can I come?" Wolf asks. Everyone gasps. There is Sandy standing right in front of him offering him her time and he wants to come with me.......

I must be hallucinating. Sandy always gets the cute guys, she always gets the guys she wants with them giving her one look in her direction.

"Sure" I whisper. The Followers begin to mutter. "This way"

I almost walk as a zombie as we go and find Daisy.

The End

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