Will you go on a date.. with me?

just an exercise on the views, wants and needs when it comes to dating, what has been lost that used to be the essence...

Will you go on a date

With me?


What do you mean


Like the sweet romantic get together

Two people caring enough

To spend quality time together?


Yes, what else would I mean?


Will your mobile phone be by your side?


Yes, why? Don’t you have one?


Yes , I do

But will it be laying next to your fork and knife?

With the backlight flashing

“ you’ve got mail “


Well… probably, it’s normal….

Isn’t it ?


Will you pick it up and read

Every message?

Will you answer

Every phone call?


That’s why we have it


To stay in contact with people all the time


So how many calls and messages do you receive usually?


Why is this so important to you?

This is life!

Why the 21 questions?

Do you want to go on a date with me?

Yes or No?


Let me share my thoughts…….


A view years back

Men made the effort

For days, months , years

To get them in the sack


Dates were the ground-breaker

After weeks of conversation

And holding her hand!

Wow what confirmation!


Dates were going to the lookout point,

 picnics, popcorn and pizza

A funfair, movie or milkshake at the marina


No mobile phones

To distract

The present moment

The steal the magic

Breaking the bond

The vital component


Hearts, dreams and goals were shared

Staring into starry skies

no expectations placed

A hug a peck enough

With gratitude embraced


Will you give up your phone

For one night?


Wow! You are so serious

This is not the 60’s anymore


Well sir, then I bid you a farewell

Please take with you

Your over done hair with gel

Your preoccupied breath and smell


For this I know all to well

Life passes us by every second

Time is wasted every moment

It’s too short stuck on the phone in the swell

The End

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