Dilloman: Just like meMature

She smiled and turned invisible. My girlfriend was already to get going, but my mind was boggled. She was just like me. Knew what it was like. Knew how I feel.

"Wait!" I cried. She flashed in front of me, her shield from the world, broken, just for an instant. I followed her. I felt a bond between us and I had to pursuit her.

"Where are you going" Nicole whinged. I was going to break up with her tonight anyway. This removed all awkwardness and the embarressing public scene. I shouted those crushing words before rolling into a ball to follow the chamagirl.

"Come back!" I roared as I continued to roll after her. I heard her scream as I began to open like the first blossoming flower of spring. I looked up at the girl below me. I was sat on her, crushing her in fact. She couldn't muster the strength for her powers, I wouldn't let her.

"Who were you following?" I screamed, louder and more aggressive than I'd intended, "Are you others. Freaks like us. Freaks...just like me?"

"Freak at your service" a voice announced "Vespertilionem. But you can call me Rick". A fairly tall fellow with light brown hair extended his hand. I smiled and shook it, but not before removing my glove, so I could extend with my real, freak hand.

The End

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