Lilly, also known as Chamagirl.Mature

Breathing heavily, I suddenly realised what I'd just revealed in front of this guy and who I presumed to be his girlfriend. Ah, damnation!

I decided to try to hide it by making light conversation with them. "Hey, I'm Lilly. What's your name?"

The guy was still staring at me in absolute shock, while the girl blinked, collected herself, and then shook her boyfriend.

"Oh!" he exclaimed. "I'm Jerry."

I'd finally got my breath back, and now I was a bit annoyed. This guy didn't look abnormal, but you don't just send a fifteen-year-old chameleon girl to get people who are normal. Unless you're taking the piss and want me to save them.

Yeah, that was chameleon girl. That was what I'd basically just revealed to them. My best friend, Dylan, was the only person who knew so far. Well, except my parents. He shortened chameleon girl to chamagirl, and now insists on calling me that, instead of Lilly. 

Now, being Chamagirl meant I could do some pretty weird stuff. Like, blend in. Like, properly blend in - turn invisible, effectively. I could also see in any direction, no matter which way I was facing (if I had my eyes shut), which freaked me out. and then there's the thing where I could grip onto things. 

"Well," I said. "Jerry. It was nice meeting you. And your girlfriend. Ta'raa."

I began to walk off, and heard something muttered behind me, and then someone put a hand on my shoulder.

"Lilly, is it?" Predictably, it was Jerry. "You did just appear, right? I wasn't imagining it?"

"You weren't imagining it." I told him. "Please be helpful. I did not just strain myself all that way to find you're just some normal person."

He frowned. "If you'd said that to anyone else they might have been insulted."

"So you're not normal, then?" I tied my hair into a high ponytail as I spoke. "Let's start the conversation again. Hi, I'm Chamagirl."

"Hi," he said, a tad suspicious. "I'm Dilloman. How did you find me."

I smiled. "My friend told me he'd seen this guy who he thought looked a bit creepy - no offence - lived near his gran so I came to find you 'cause I'm sick of being the only freak in the show." I grinned to show I wasn't trying to insult him. Then I pulled up my sleeve and moved my forearm slightly, and it caught what little light there was like scales. It was barely noticeable, so unless I showed people they wouldn't know it was there.

I then realised that I was interrupting this guy's date.

"Oh my god! I interrupted your date with your girlfriend! I'm so sorry!"

He shrugged. "No mind. Are you gonna be hanging around here?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm spending the weekend with my friend so I'll be around for a few days."

"Great. See ya."


I smiled to myself as I walked away. Well, I thought, that was weird.

The End

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