Wildheart: Even wilder powersMature

A story of crimefighters that put Batman to shame! Go team Wildheart!
I made it mature in case any profanity does crop up. Never try to restrict creativity.

I'd always known I was different, odd, unique. It was never anything that resulted in playground bullying or anything soppy like that. I don't have a traumatic backstory fit for talent show sobstory. What was me a unique freak doesn't haunt me past put enlightens my future.

"Jeff! Get a move on!" my girlfriend sighed for the unpteenth time. I was getting tired of her constant moaning. It wasn't my fault it was so difficult to get ready, fitting gloves over sharp, foot-long claws was incredibly hard. When I was at last satisfied nobody would glare at me in the streets, I trotted downstairs and set my eyes on the beauty before me. It was one of our first dates in a long time. We'd set dates before, even gone out, but stuff often got in the way, my powers. Natural human instinct to danger is to flich, but I'm not human, so my instinct is to curl up into my armadillo shell. I've learnt to control it, over the years but if somebody grabs me from behind, bang, I'm a shell.

She opened the front door and I stepped out into the cool refreshing air, set peacefully under the purple sky. Piercing through it was a comet, a comet with wings. It was like a bird, but flew with such power and speed, it was unnatural, like me.

"Right behind you" a girl cried. I turned around. It wasn't Nicole who had spoken. It had been someone else, someone who we could not see. Was she yelling at the bird? As we stepped out of the drive Nicole gasped and the sharp air caught in the back of her throat. Before her and before me eyes, a red haired girl appeared across the street. She was quite slim with brown eyes, eyes that met mine.

"Has my invisiblity worn of?" she shrieked, quickly cheeking all of her body. All I could do was nod. For the first time in my life, I wasn't alone. 

The End

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