I write...

I write for so many reasons.
I write because I was inspired to do so by my friend who is such a great writer. I would help her out but I wanted to write my own stories of my own creation so I can proudly say 'They're my words'.
I write because I love to see my words take form and flow together creating my stories.
I write because I am told I am the most creative of the family and I wanted to test that theory.
I write to have the oppurtunity to exercise my large vocabulary.
I write because I have a lot of free time and writing stories fill that time.
I write because it brings me and my friends closer together when we share ideas and criticism.
I write because I so serious and cynical and often patronizing but writing brings out the innocent child in me.
I write to get across my emotions, to say things that I could never say otherwise.
I write because I love to.

The End

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