If I did not write; my Brain would Explode

I cannot say anything outloud . Literally. If I try to make an unprepared speech or tell a story, I land up saying "um" and "ah" more than anything else, so instead, I wrote out flash cards in an attempt to make what’s in my brain, come out of my mouth, and make an ok speech or a cute story. But then another confusing matter came up; my big, old imagination, which was bursting at the seams. The problem was, if I said my stories out loud it comes out all wrong, . For example, I would make the main character seem like he/she was mentally retarded or simply an idiot, and since most of my stories are rather depressing, I was afraid my mother would send me to a shrink, and I would land up all locked in a white room made of rubber with a slot only for my food, with doctors visiting me asking me, "do you feel safe, child" in that sickly sweet voice of theirs. So instead, before my brain exploded and imagination splashed out all over the floor, I decided to release all that pent up imaginatory stuff, through the brilliance of writing. Thus I right as I write. That’s about all there is to it. Writing calms my emotions, and it is because I write that I am NOT in a mental ward!! So there you have it! The reason why I write.

The End

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