Who says philosophy is useless?

I write because without writing, there is nothing.  Life ceases to exist without written words, for our mind--As amazing as it may be--Cannot survive long at all, in the grand scheme of things.  The only way to preserve our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is to write them out on paper.  I write because I look forward to the future.

I write because throughout all the hardships I face, my notepad is always there beside me.  It guides me in a way that no other thing or person can.  The ink in front of me acts as a coping device that can never get me beaten, punished, or mamed.  Words are a haven for me in a time when it seems that all hope has gone.  They act as a passageway through perilous lands, carrying me at the more desperate times of my journey.  I write because I need words.

I write because every chapter I finish heals a piece of the soul that has been shattered.  Because every page I write grants me a happiness that can be matched by no other thing in the world.  Because for every time a wave crashes upon the shore, I am driven forward through the darkness of despair by the fiery passion of words.  They burn with intense hunger, much like my heart, which accepts no defeat, but pushes to the glory that it knows is there...

...I write because I am.

The End

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