My own world

I write for so many reason, some reason I don't even understand or know myself. I write to try and be someone else, to break free of my usual shell and be someone the real me would scorn.

I write my wishes, my dreams. I write for something I want to happen. I put my heart and soul into the characters of my stories. I feel their pain. I feel their love. I am them and they are me.

Writing clenses my mind of the worries of the world around me. I can forget them and go into a world of my creation, a world that anything I say goes. It feels as if the people I write about are real people. As if they have real lives and are my best friends.

I write for freedom. A freedom to be the real me, a different me, anything that I want to be. It's my world when I write, and my characters... they're just living in it.

The End

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