Because I'm Jaded

I write because I'm jaded and mean.

After I've explained a rather depressing-but-true point, I've often had people say "You're too young to be so jaded and cynical". But is that true? I can tell you this for a fact; in life the only have to pay taxes and die, everything else is optional. Don't they see that ours is a world of blood, dirt, rust, and steel, and that no matter how people howl about how free we are in the West they seem to forget that all of that blood, dirt, rust, and steel resides under the same blue sky that is over their heads.

I try to write happy stories; the people are good at heart, they mean well and they get what they deserve, and in the end most things turn out well. I figure this is to make up for my own faults, to create someplace, even if fictional, where good people are happy, where people are happy.

Unfortunately my writing often ends up with the good people dropping like flies, ending their journey worse than when they started, or even worse, realizing that all of their efforts amounted to nothing and becoming just as cold as the villain they faced.

These happy worlds always end up dark and miserable. And they say you can't be jaded and miserable when you're young.

The End

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