I write because I want to challenge myself. I've always read books, and I've always admired  how detailed, wonderful Rowling spread out Harry Potter's story, or how dinosaur bones become fossils, and how a smart kid in Dinoverse transported himself and his classmates to the Cretaceous period.  All of these authors and more inspired me to do well in school, because I always wanted to understand more after reading their books.

I write because one day , I want to inspire someone else,  and I want to overcome the hurdle that quite a few writers online seem to be afflicted with: getting that first novel finished, and sent into some publishers or an agent for reviewing. I also want to help other writers accomplish their dreams if I can.

I also write because when the words are spiraling out of my head, and through my fingers and to the keyboard or the paper, I can think much more clearly about things.

The End

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