Why do you write?

Explaining how most people can't write as well as others , but strive to succeed at it.

Why do you write? Do you need to release some worked up emotions? Do you -

Personally, I don't why you write. I KNOW why I write. I write to better myself. I write to fill voids of emptiness when I'm sad. I write to express my happiness. Writing is a release. Is it not? It's funny, I write and write and write and strive to air my ideas out in my work just as well as the professional writers. The reason is because the way the words come out in these stories and poems are breath taking. Then you wonder to yourself "Why can't I write like that? If I could write like that I would write all the time!" . But guess what‽ I can't! I am tired of trying to be as great as these writers, and trust me I tried. It's just out of my league, so I'm just going to stick to my petty writings and scribbles. I'm truly happy with that. THAT is why is write.


The End

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