Who I Am Cannot Be

Love can be an insurmountable power, able to uplift and restore. It can sweep one off his feet and wring the heart of muddled sorrow. It can erase the past, tape together the present, and clear the way for tomorrow. Those characteristics, universal since the beginning of time, embodied the invisible figure in the stars. We knew him not, but he knew us. A hand of spacial emptiness seemed to take shape within us, adding depth and soul to fill our thirsty wonderment. We received meaning--substance. That in turn gave us the notion of love. That somewhere in the heavens, a frightening power able to destroy the world decided against it. A finger reached out to touch our hearts instead, and we knew him then as God.

Then as time went on we forgot as humans usually do. Our thankfulness subsided and in its place came physical distractions. Our eyes darted from the heavens to the soil, to the forest, to the rivers. Beauty became work. Farms grew, families blossomed. Then came towns, cities, empires. There was a forlorn awe for the stars, though it remained in few. The masses became enriched in their own problems, and from that was birthed human laws. Societal forces and traditions came into existence from man's own heart. The guidance and knowledge of God contorted in man's hands as he infused flesh and blood into sacred thought. Then fast forward and we are here now. Not much has changed since that moment.

Today we have a minority that is a victim of that past event, where Eve decided to act on fleshly temptation to pollute the purity God had provided. Human nature fell, past and now present. This group of people now face that fallen nature. They yearn to break free and profess the forgotten notion of love, but that is still too difficult to accomplish on a widespread scale. Here and there they see success, but still there are those that are caught in a snare. The fork in the road has become three paths, four paths, eight paths. Each way they go is laden with hurt and distress. Some find love, most find sorrow. Some see love triumph and some see love face defeat by terrifying cruelty. Yet they still hang on to love and believe that it will renew itself again. The heavens must be sought again for that perfect guidance instead of relying on mankind judge that which it cannot comprehend. Soon, yes very soon, paralyzing fear will become a freeing sprint towards long-desired happiness.

The End

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