$Who Are You?$

A quick, conceptual analysis on how to build a budget based around your identity, your goals, and the necessities of survival in a Human society.

     The basics of "survival" (in this case meaning, 'how to thrive as Human') might be divided into three categories:
          1. Basic (Live or Die?)

          2. Positive Influence (In how we relate to and interact with others)

          3. Personal Success (The application of our goals and/or ambitions)

     They are listed in that order because, one must be able to have the essentials of life to life and stave off/deal with life-threatening illnesses (let's include things like bankruptcy and starvation as "life threatening illnesses"), before the other two.

     Then one must develop control over their influence on others (recognizing consequence of action) along with personal identification before they can be successful in their ambitions, in order to achieve the third: Personal Success.

     So upon budgeting for only one's self (living as a single person), the budget priority - the "To Get" list - should follow this order.

     That means making purchases in order of what will sustain us, first - then, what will help us to interact with people and the environment - then, what help us to attain success by driving forward our ambitions.

     In order to define my own goals, I jotted down what I like to do most and then expanded upon these ideas. It can be both a refreshing and aggravating activity to sit down and redefine yourself and your ambitions, now and then. But here's what I've got.


          To make music.

          To make art.

          To help things grow.


          To protect the natural world.

          To heal people's spirits.

          To instigate stability in population and environment, providing attainable resources to all people, and delivering a message of importance about the causes and effects of using resources in excess.


          To leave a lasting impression on laws of conduct (responsibility as part of a Global Community).

          To leave a legacy.

          To adopt a child.

In the long term, we are only defined by our influence, and by that which we leave behind.

The End

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