Who are our writers?

Make up a little story about the writer who posted before you in less than 150 words.

The writers on this fine website have a mixture of unique and unusual names. Is there a story behind those names? I'm sure there is. But instead of the writer telling us about their name, I thought it would be better for us to write about the person before us.

Confused? No worries. My name is TheMightyMrDoodle. So whoever posts a follow-up from me will write a little story in no more than 150 words about what they think TheMightyMrDoodle is like. He can be anything you like, its up to you. The third person will write a piece with a character called by the name of the author who wrote a piece about me and so on. This could go on forever...or until we run out of writers.

The End

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