A list, rather than a ramble.

Who am I? Well, where would I begin? Maybe with a confession, of sorts.

I am transsexual. I'm just a guy trapped in a girl's body.

I have only recently realised this is the reason I've spent a long, long time hating who I am. 

I'm doing my best to correct it, but unfortunately, that costs a lot of money. Donate to a good cause? ;D

Trying to fit into the gender binary that society sets out kills me. I may become an anarchist. 

Society needs some major reforming. I wish to be there when LGBTQ people are accepted once and for all. 

I'm agnostic. I'm open to ideas, but if you shove them down my throat, I will react badly. Try it. See what happens. I can debate the existence of god for hours, though I will go in circles. Because let's face it, the Bible contradicts itself more times than I contradict myself.

That's an achievement. 

I'm loyal. More loyal than I should be. If it's thrown in my face, however, I'm not a very nice person. 

I find it hard to trust people. But when I do trust people, I seem to trust them completely. I don't like that, because so far, that's only led to bad things. 

I've always been a writer. Ever since I was a little kid. 

I've always been stubborn. I don't think that's going to change any time soon. 

Music and writing have saved my sanity more times than I care to remember. 

I have been officially declared sane. That was a few years ago, though. Maybe I should go back and ask again.

I can be quite argumentative. But then I can be very quiet. I'm usually quite shy. But I can talk about utter rubbish and ramble at you for ages. 

That is the reason I'm writing a list, rather than paragraphs, because otherwise I will ramble. 

Trust me, my first draft of this was about five pages long 

I like to keep busy. Summer holidays generally do my head in, because I'm left alone with my thoughts for days on end. 

I've joined a gym in an effort to keep myself busy. So far, I've used it for half an hour and been practically immobilised by it for the best part of a week. "Straighten your back!" *whine* "It is straight!" Apparently it wasn't, and the trainer lady spent a good five minutes making me get it straight, which has resulted in an inability to bend my back. 

I'm nocturnal. That's why I'm writing this at four in the morning, about seven hours before I'm supposed to be meeting friends in town. 

If there's something else you want to know, ask me and I'll try my best to answer (but keep it clean, eh?) because I should really go to sleep now.

The End

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