Maria is Maria and nothing but Maria

I once read a book. It's called "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya." Originally written in Japanese. Just came out in English a while back.

Near the end, one of the characters is told about the "it is what it is" theory. How, no matter what people think, something is what it is, and nothing more. Y'know, like, "It's only a table. It had no other use but to be a table, cause that's what it is. It's not like it's a house or motercycle or a computer desk." Tables may have their uses, my fellow writers, but they are still tables. Unless you take 'em apart and recreate them into something new. But that's another metaphor I've yet to hear, and a philosophy for a different project.

Who am I? Me. A young writer. I love romance, random moments, dreams, philosophy, old literature, sci/fi, poetry and songwriting, mystery and suspense, fantasy and teen fiction. Being a teenager, I believe that this is quite a lot.

I also went to a camp recently via the Air Cadet League of Canada to spend three weeks on a military base on the island, taking BLC, Basic Leadership Course.

It was me, twenty-two other cadets (my bunkmate was sent home for medical reasons during the first week), and the staff in charge of us. As well as a few hundred other cadets taking various other courses (my bro took BATAC, and learned all about space, and how planes and spacecrafts work, etc. It was pretty cool. We celebrated his birthday at camp).

While I was there, we were split off into groups for leadership tasking on a Tuesday during the last week. One of the activites we did was called Martian Names. If I remember correctly, it goes something like this:

You have just landed on Mars, and The Maritans, would like to know your names. The Martian language is just like the English language, only everything is spelled backwards! Each name also tells something special about that person. Tell the Martians your names, and what they say about you.

It was pretty interesting what some of the kids came up with. I was given a piece lined paper, told to write my name backwards across it, and write something special about myself.

 Most of the others just wrote some random phrase, or what they wanted to be one day, or something just plain hilarious. I ended up cramming the page full of words about me. . . .the list goes on.

Who am I? Airam Elyk, martian-wise. My name means happiness, turmoil, peace, contraverse, humility, pain, writing, reading, poetry, music, quiet, singing, love, respect, loves God, and justice.

Hummm. Lots of good memories.

I learned a lot of stuff at BLC; some boring, some useful. What got me most was that we had fun on the last days.  But, that's another memory, one that I can keep for myself.

What also got me was the fact that on the last day when I listened to my friend's mp3 player, I realized that I hadn't listened to decent music (in my opinion) for almost three weeks. See, the thing is that I love music. It's one of my other passions besides writing, photography, saving up for my car, and my friends and family0. Music is a big part of my life. I can't go anywhere without figuring out a beat, or a song in my head.

I'm actually listening to some Skillet right now. Good band.

I'm actually in a band. We're practicing soon, and it's going to be awesome. my good friend Tristan is teaching me guitar, and he's amazing. One of three of the best guitar players I know.  He does lead, I do rhythm and some vocals, my bro is the lead singer, and our other friend Jordan, the one with the mp3, she's the drummer. I write song lyrics, and Trist writes the music.

My mom is an amazing pianist, one of the most skilled I've yet to meet. I am not saying this just because she is my mom. It's really true. She also sings beautifully, and I was blessed by inheriting her voice as well as her hair color and cute little mannerisms. So everyone says. I know I'm like my mom, and I'm extremely proud of it. She is an amazing woman

Who am I? Me. I'm a musician with amazing family and friends. I love rock, hard rock/metal, worship music, the occaisional pop song, guitar hero, WOW hits, X hits, playing my guitar, and singing.


What is wrong with this picture I see here, cause I can't tell if I'm real or just and escape. You have caused utter chaos pain, and when you lost the source of your life's power, you turned the the victim of your love.

That last three lines is one of my songs for the band I'm in. I haven't really experienced that kind of confusion before, thank God, but I've always been able to write stuff like that. I don't know where it comes from sometimes. It's just there. It does suit our band well, though.

Hmm. . .

Speaking of suiting, I always wondered what suitors really thought of themselves. I think they're called suitors because they are trying to see if they suit you well, I think. But why call them suitors? Why not call them riskers or trials or interested people?

Maybe cause they're men, and they couldn't think of a more creative name. . . . .what is it with men? People sterotype them way too often, and then they sterotype themselves because they don't seem to know better. I happen to know perfectly decent guys who know better then to be stereotyped by societly, and they are happier then others.

Men. . .It's always "men are so stubborn" "men are colorblind, don't ask them how to get places" and "what is it with men and asking for directions?" Not all men hate asking for dicrections. Speaking of men, are some women really better off without them? Or have they just given up? Whatever. I've never been kissed and I'm close to getting my L, and my best firend always tells me how proud she is of me for it, and to hold onto my first kiss unitl I absolutely find the right one.

You know the saying a princess must kiss many frogs before she's found her prince, right? It's total BS. You can feel as though you know one person after only seven minutes, but with another it could take seven years to know their true colors. Oh, that's another saying I heard. I like it way better then most love advice. Speaking of love, I wonder if I'll ever find it.

Who am I? Me. A never-been-kissed ginger who's saving for a car and, eventually, UBC, as well as love when she finds it. If and when she finds it, that is. But, I will find him one day. Or maybe he'll find me. All I need to do is wait.

So that's basially me. Maria. Katana. The sheltered, blow-me-down girl who's had God all her life and really knew it only a few years ago. Whos loves writing, music, her friends and family, air cadets, philosophy and dreams.

That is me. . . . .What? What about me? Didn't I just tell you?

Sum it up for you? What's wrong? You don't get me? You're a bit confuddled from me talking for so long?

Fine. But so what?

So I like eighteen different genres of writing and music combined and five of them I made up myself?

So what if I'm an air cadet

who is a philosopher

who is a writer

who is a musician

who is a total dreamer

who is tyring to find a car and a way to UBC

who is waiting for love

who loves God

who apparantly has potential in her future

who panicks way too easily

who almost always understands things from a different perspective

who wants to get into journalism/photo-journalism or maybe editing

who is completely random

who is a never-been-kissed ginger

who is just a teenaged girl called Maria?

That's me, alright? Maria is Maria and nothing but Maria. I'm everything I've said here, and a lot more, but I don't want to cram this piece with too many words. That's another thing about me, I'm big on courtesty. But I guess I'm not giving my brain very much courtesy by writing this at 2:44 in the morning. So I'm going to log off once I'm done this.

Maria is Maria and nothing but Maria? Wel, maybe. Or maybe I'm a million different things crammed into this soul, this body, this irritable brain of mine. I'll ask when I get to heaven, or maybe figure it out along the way.

Well, g'night fellow writers, and good luck

Maria, also known locally as Katana.

Oh, and PS, this is me!

The End

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