Relative perception

Let's see if I can't get something decent down...

I like keeping my mind active and occupied with something; sometimes that something will be some question of physics, an idea of the absurd variety, or even just running through a piece or a song through the mental iPod.  Even while on vacation--in this particular example, a day trip to the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine whilst down in Florida--I was trying to construct a practice physics problem just from the mention that some of the cannons could fire and hit something three and a half miles away.  As soon as that was in the air my mind started chugging away: "Okay, so if that's the furthest it could fire, it'd probably be at a forty-five degree angle... oh, but would its height change anything, being at the top of the fort?  Let's see..."  Some of this thinking was out loud, and then I proceeded to start diagraming the cannon in question.  My mother leaned over to me and inquired if I remembered that I was on vacation.  I can't help it, I like to think.

On that same plane, I'm an eager student.  Given the proper slant I can be fascinated with pretty much anything, and quite frankly I am fascinated with almost everything.  I love the humanities, analyzing literature, studying music, getting into philosophical conversations in Spanish; however, that does not by any means exclude math and sciences from my interests.  I may be a future English major, but one of my biggest scholastic interests is physics.  I like how it twists my head into knots, asking myself "how does the universe do that?!".  No stone is unturned when I get to working on something; I work at it until it's done.  And even then I look for things to improve upon.

Even with all this work I do, all these things I do particularly well, I don't like talking about them that much.  I mean, I'll talk about things I've learned, projects I've worked on, and I'm proud of the work I do.  For instance, I'm proud that I was able to handle an admittedly-insane number of AP courses this past school year, one of which was independently pursued; for some reason, though, I feel slightly uncomfortable saying what I got on the exams just for saying the grade (... for the record, I got a 3 on the Physics exam, two 4's, and two 5's).  I have every right to be proud of the work I've done, and I am proud of it; I just don't like treating it like it's all that special because, to me, it's just lil' ol' me doin' my lil' ol' thing.

As a wee little person the concept of shyness apparently didn't enter my head.  I'd talk to whoever would listen, I'd hug kids on the playground.  Apparently I would also stand up and go right up to the person reading at the library's story time.  Once my mind's set on something, it takes a heck of a lot of convincing to get it unset.

No, the "everybody else is doing it" argument does not work on me.  Didn't work on me when I was five and sitting on the edge of the pool at swim classes (I wasn't mad or anything, I just didn't want to swim... when asked if I wanted to join in and "be doing what everybody else is doing", I said no thanks, I'm good), doesn't work on me now.

All in all, though, I'm just very comfortable in my own skin.  I accept that I have crazy ideas, nerdy tendencies, and unorthodox musings; I know I can be stubborn, paranoid, and slightly insane; I'm bright, intelligent, and curious, but I'm fully aware that I'm not omniscient and that not everything has a definite answer.  Quite frankly I like my quirky mind, my relatively-offbeat tastes, it's just who I am.

Or at least who I am from my perspective.  As I like to remind people, one's perception of something is relative.

The End

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