My life in 90 seconds

I think a lot. I make fast decisions, and adapt quickly to the new situations I put myself in. I wouldn't say that I make careless decisions, because I do take care to analyze all my options before I act. But, sometimes I forget to relax and breathe.

I've always had high expectations for myself, and a very high opinion of my own abilities. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but it wasn't a bad thing either. I breezed through school with good grades even though I skipped class, did some drugs and other reckless things, and cared more about having fun with my friends than taking school seriously. Well why would I, when my grades were good anyway? My mom hated that.

When I was 17, in my junior year of high school, I met Chris and we fell in love. In the process, I completely neglected some other relationships that were, and still are, very important to me. Like I said, fast decisions. I had my eye on the prize... Chris was the most important thing at the time, and therefore the only important thing. I'm not proud of that, but in my defense, I did get what I wanted...

I married Chris when I was 18. I know what you're thinking, but it's okay. We weren't just kids, he was 26, and I was super-smart and awesome, remember? Anyway, I know we were mature enough to make that decision. 

While I was finishing stupid high school we worked together at a sushi bar. I rolled sushi 5 nights a week and went to school 5 days a week. It was crazy and it blew. And he worked even more than that. But we saved up all that money so that we could do this fun thing we'd decided to do. So once I graduated, we threw all of our stuff in a storage shed, ended our lease, and got in the car. We lived on the road for half a year, traveling around the warmer parts of the States, visiting friends, camping, taking pictures, looking around at stuff. Why? SHUT UP! :P

It was a bit more than we could handle, but how would we have known that without trying? So we came back to our hometown and... started a business! Why not? It was a concierge business, it was okay and it made a small profit. 

At some point along the way we decided to get a dog and be extremely dedicated dog owners. We read as much as we could on the subject, and I'd say we're pretty proficient at it by now. So I spend a lot of my time being responsible for my dogs, walking them every day, rain or shine or 110 degrees. I love those guys, couldn't imagine a life without them :)

After we got bored with the concierge business, I decided to go back to school. Computer science, I boldly declared! It was obvious. I'm a problem solver, and I love technology. And Chris decided... to join the military! Yes, the heavy metal kid with long hair in a Pantera shirt. And why not go back for a Master's in engineering and do officer training at the same time? So that's pretty much where we are now.

Oh yeah, and I'm a writer. I don't really know how that fits in, but I've been writing all my life.

So I guess the point is, in conclusion, it's hard to define myself because I've changed a lot in my small total of 22 years, and I don't think I'm going to stop. There are a lot of challenges I haven't considered forcing upon myself yet. That must be who I am then.

The End

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