A Collective Effort

In any other situation, it might be easier to begin the answering of this question by making a disclaimer. It might be best to mumble things like, "boundless, intangible, inconclusive" under my breath before I dive into the reality. Which is that, - I only opted to make such a disclaimer in order to avoid saddling you with a million other adjectives and a dozen other annecdotes while I took a good, long, hard, look at myself and tried to sort what I found into something worthy of being analyzed.

I am someone who makes an effort at optimism because she spent much of her childhood staring at a glass half-empty. I'm that inescapable child who has a thousand unanswerable questions, who clings to the beltloop of your jeans with her pinky while we walk through the grocery store. I'm that 'one girl' who makes people feel a tad uncomfortable because she's staring too closely. (I would apologize, but I find that I can't unless I mean it.) I am someone who likes to sleep in the sunlight and who likes to bask in words too, because they're comfortable and powerful all at once.

 When I discover things, I stumble upon them with all the grace of an out of practice prizefighter.

I am the collective effort of everything that I have ever come into contact with, and I am coming to terms with that.

The End

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