Exercise in character development

Exercise in character development. I'm just going to start in one place and expand, trying to build a believable character in one single chapter.

Join if you will, new characters for each chapter please!

Now the question is ... First person? Or third person?

My room mate Beswick answered "Third" to the random question, so here we go!


From the current point of view, Eric thought that his big toe looked a little odd. Although he didn't remember ever having broken it, the angle at which it bent at the knuckle was definitely not normal.

He was sitting on his couch, in an empty living room, eating expired Danon yogurt with his fingers. Next to him, on a packed-to-the-brim cardboard box, lay a jar of water. To Eric, this wasn't just any water. It was mason jar water. The fact that the water was not in a glass made it that much more exciting; exotic even.

There were other types of water that got pretty close to mason jar water: There was coffee mug water, repurposed coke bottle water and of course the dubious "still tastes like pickles" pickle jar water. Eric wasn't quite sure if he enjoyed the lingering taste of that brine soaked gourd. The one thing he was sure of, was that mason jar water was above them all. 

There were, of course, far more important things for Eric to be thinking about other than the rating of water from various vessels. Though the reason he was still licking at the quite empty Danon yogurt box was something he'd rather not actually have to put to mind at the moment. 

The problem, however, lay in the concept that he had now touched on the fact that he was avoiding a certain thought. As we all know, this caused that thought to surge fourth into his conscious mind; where he immediately began to fight it.

He tried oh so desperately to shove it back into the abyss of his mind's "nothing box", but couldn't quite squeeze it in there on time. 

It sprang roots.

It grew, like a parasite. 

You see, Eric needed a job. Now that wasn't the simple truth of it. Eric didn't only need a job. Eric needed a job and a new place to sleep that wasn't exposed to the elements. 

For next to the fantastic mason jar water, was an eviction notice; dated yesterday.

The End

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