If I Told You ...

It’s raining outside. 


Of course « outside, » why would it be raining anywhere else?  


Sometimes – often –I have to work outside.  The weather’s good this time of the year for this.  Even all geared up, it’s cool enough not to get too hot, but it’s not so cold as to need a jacket.  


Summer’s coming though.  I’m not looking forward to this.  You can’t get comfortable wearing Kevlar in the summer heat.  My emotional fuse gets shorter the warmer I get.  July and August are not good months for me on the job.    


I don’t get people clapping for me or chanting my name at work.  (I am not allowed to give out my name at work.)  Sometimes I get smiles and “thank yous,” but I also get insults, deer-in-the-headlights looks and nasty comments on my upbringing and my momma.  Also, a lot of people who’ve met me for only a few minute seem to know a great deal about the kind of person I am – on the inside.


It’s quite alright though, because I get free coffee.  

The End

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