Annoying Younguns

So there I was trying to make myself giggle by writing some silly poem, and the students who I 'teach' started asking me questions about whatever war they're reading about in the history book. Well, I was going to have none of their nonsense.

"Why can't you look it up? It's in the book, for crying out loud."  I raised my voice louder than usual, as I was annoyed more than usual.

"Please, o great one, impart your knowledge on us. Please? You're the smartest ever and we love you so."

"Whatever. Flattery will get you nowhere. Now scat! Can't you see I'm trying to write a poem and make myself giggle? Do you always have to ruin the moment?"  I rolled my eyes in grand fashion and pointed at them to return to their desks.  The sounds of their muffled cries only fueled my irritation, so I picked up a white board eraser and threw it at the smallest child with the wettest face.   "There! Dry your tears with that, and leave me alone!"

What do they think I'm here to do? Babysit them?  I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes again, making sure they could see my disdain for their pathetic interruptions.

By the end of the day, I tired of their begging for a proper lesson and  agreed to teach only if they listened attentively to the silly poem I had finished, finally,  and with no thanks to them; and I would read it only if they clapped and chanted my name afterwards.  They did this perfectly, of course, because I have taught them well.

After that, we were able to get down to some serious learning five minutes before the bell rang for them to go home.  Now that the classroom is clear of the evil bloodsuckers, all I can think is that I have to get up tomorrow and do it all again.   


****Actually, I had a great day. We all wrote--some poems, some narratives, some journals.  I learned a few things about the Civil War, and they learned a few things, too.  I did write a silly poem that made me giggle, and when I read it to them, they did clap, but they didn't chant, well, not like they usually do. ****

The End

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