A wake up call to be remembered.

Well--I had just turned 18 years old six days prior. I was in my fourth year of high school--uh do not ask why. Global Morning News was playing on the Tv that I was crashed on the couch of my Dad's living room. Standard practice for me, as I was on medication for a mental illness it was later found I did not ever appear to have, I would get out of bed after the alarm ringing for an hour--turn on the coffee. Pour a cup--and sleep on the couch for a bit.

I cannot remember what all I had done to get ready. I did have breakfast already. The empty bowl of fruit loops on the table was evidence of that. I still had a cup of coffee on the table. My bag was packed--I was dressed. Just needed my shoes and jacket on--though I likely forgot more than a few things. My mind barely registered somebody saying, "we have some breaking news"

My mind had constructed some dream with the news casters lines involved--though I needed to wake up. I was at a new school. I was already late for class--and figured now is the time to wake up. I think my dream had a dragon and a gryphon in the place of the anchors--and that silliness just needed to stop. Gryphons doing the news? So, I dozed awake. Sitting up on Dad's couch.

I looked into the Tv as Global was doing the Edmonton City Sky Camera. A camera feed from the side of a building to add feeling to the morning. I realise that that was not any where in Edmonton. I consider for a moment that Global was now doing city sky cameras from other cities it had a station in. Seemed like a novel idea. Looking at this, I had guessed it was Calgary. As there were a few tall buildings and what seemed like a long stretch of flat horrible looking land (which turned out to be the New York roof tops--yeah... southern Alberta is not that pretty).

It looked like a toy air plane was flying around. Its path seemed eratic. I was trying to figure out where its position was. I was having issues telling how close it was to the camera. Until I saw it fly in front of the building and around behind it. I then shook myself. Even if it were a toy--that would be a large toy airplane based on the presented scale--then BOOM! It crashed into the side. Just like I use to do in Microsoft Flight Simulator--as well, it was the only way to have fun in what was otherwise a boring arse unintuitive game.

I blinked--unsure if I had woke up. Which is weird--I never wake up in dreams where I went to sleep. Any dreams where somebody visits me when I sleep--I tend to be sleeping in some weird place (the room I grew up in being a favourite one). The camera shifts back to the news casters. They were human with no major details completely out of place. I was awake. Had my mind been placing their text to a scene--me having tea with Queen Elizabeth II while William Wallace and Mario said the news text would be more likely than no details out of place.

I sit up--trying to get as many details on this. I mean--I clearly needed to see if I had really just seen that. If I went to school and was going mad hallucinating stuff--well, I may as well understand what I am seeing as hallucinations so as to actually function on at least some level.

The news casters went on about how what I did see was what they just showed. Meaning it was not a hallucination--as my dreams tend to have issues keeping that many details straight. I think to myself that it could have been a mistake--or something. It was shown a few more times. The news casters mentioned they have new footage. Another plane came and flew in and hit the other tower.

It is an attack. A terrorist attack. I hoped that whoever did it did not take credit. It would only end with their home land getting bombed into glass. I sigh--no, some uneducated attention whoring hick in some small country--who possibly had too many drugs or alcohol to be comprehensible would claim it as theirs.

My mind mulled over that idea. The fact that even I myself could get away with murder, as doing enough terrorist attacks on USA soil--somebody would take credit for each of them. USA had already had some horrible relations with foreign countries. Most of them due to their pissing contest with USSR during the cold war and their seeming desire to play their battle out in other people's backyards who really could not say no. I could probably go some time, before I exhaust idiots who would take credit for it.

I get my jacket on--ignoring the other footage as the tower collapses. Hoping that they at least do a decent investigation--and not just jumping on the first attention whoring idiot to claim credit for this. I get my shoes on, turn off the tv and get my back pack together. Well--off to school. I mean--I could hope for the day off... but I'd prefer to get a decent education. I mean--this was the first attack on USA soil since 1942--and well... these were terrorists. We finally got them here in north america. Clearly I would be seeing more attacks such as subway gassing (like Tokyo), bombings--and all sorts of others appear often in on American soil next few years. As well--it had finally started. This would merely be the first in a long, right?

My mind roughly goes over the concept of Wag the Dog--a movie about inventing a war from a few years ago. I discount my idea--as this was a major city... people tend to notice when news on this scale did not ever occur in a city. It would need to at least be an over seas major city before an invention like that could work. Probably one hard to find on a map.

Well--it is about a half an hour walk--I should be barely on time for English class--a trend like many I hoped to see that would not end up going how I saw it over the year.

The End

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