I licked the blood off my teeth, letting out a low growl of satisfaction. The girl beneath me writhed, moaning out the name of someone I didn’t know. It didn’t bother me. I was too busy enjoying the sex to care. By the time we were done, the both of us were painted in her blood, and totally spent.

Her breathing slowed to a steady rhythm that told me she was asleep, and my own was gradually returning to normal. The wild ones are always the most fun. They love violent sex, and they don’t care if you make them bleed, so long as you make them come. Which, by the way, is something I’m very good at. I have a reputation to uphold and all that. I slid out of the tangled covers and checked out the damage she’d done in her wardrobe mirror. There were nail marks all over my back where she’d ripped up the skin and drawn a little of my own blood. I smirked. I love sex scars.

Running a hand though my dark hair, I hummed the latest song I’d been writing to myself as I searched for my boxers and pants. I wondered how the old wolf down at the gas station was doing. I know the guy hates me, so I do my best to be even more of a dick to him than most other people. He always made a point of reminding me how much longer he’d been around, blah, blah. So boring. I’d been born and raised in this town, and I wasn’t planning on leaving any time soon. It suited me perfectly. Enough people here knew what I was and that they should stay the fuck out of my way, and the others that didn’t know followed suit because y’know what? People are just a big, dumb bunch of sheep. Anyway, this town was a good pit stop for travellers and the like, what with the wolf’s gas station and the little motel down the road. It attracted a lot of people that wouldn’t be noticed if they went missing, y’know?

I glanced over at the chick in her bed, satisfied with the mess I’d made of her. One more look in the mirror told me I should probably put on a shirt before I left the building. I mean, like i say, enough people know what I am, but the cops don’t care. They’ll try and make a big deal of it if they see me like this.

The chick rolled over as I was stuffing my wallet in my pants pocket, groaning at the big empty space that woke her up from her nap.

“Lucas?” she half opened her eyes, watching me button up my shirt.


“You’re a really good fuck,” she laughed to herself and I grinned.

“I know,” I nodded, not bothering to say goodbye.

Nope. I was not going anywhere. I liked it too much here. 

The End

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