Where The Wild Ones HuntMature

Judas Leon – pleasure. Welcome to Black Water Springs, so named for the oil they found here back in the day, well now it’s all dried up and we became just a stop for those that need petrol, or somewhere to stay ‘cause night’s caught up on them. I get a lot of business, running the garage, the amount of people that cut up their cars on this dusty road is ridiculous, but pays well.

At the risk of being cliché, this town holds a secret. A big fucking annoying secret: his name is Lucas, he’s a big-shot to himself, loves himself and probably (if he could) he’d suck his own dick too. Eugh, bastard gets whatever he wants and I’m sick of him but I know you think ‘that’s the secret?’ the fact that he’s a fucking vampire is the secret, which makes him even worse. The stench around this place is horrible, it’s like living in a town of dead corpses – I won’t move though, oh no. I was shitting in this place before him... not that he does. Ha ha.

So, welcome and watch out for your necks... bastard oh, and watch out in general... people seem to go uhh ‘missing’ here, y’know, the waifs and strays. Even if you don’t have anyone, lie, people don’t take kindly to lone travellers and homeless here. . . just a uh, warning.

But, if ever you need a service or for you ladies a... service call in at the Moonlight Garage and Petrol Station, I’ll make sure you’re sorted. 

The End

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