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Where I place all of my writings about Hunters of the Supernatural.

The first thing that the crumpled form at the foot of the stairs felt was pain and the second was an insistant need to escape... Fast. Breathing deeply the person moved, their finger's were first, followed by toes and then everything else. It wasn't the first time the person had been in this position but they were going to make it their last, and so that meant getting the hell out of where ever they were. 

Slowly a pale hand reached towards the wall and a soft gasp escaped bloodied lips, this was going to be harder than what everyone said. It was worse this time, almost as if the thing that had caused it knew the person was leaving there was a creak on the floorboards overhead. The person began to move faster, the same thought to escape ran through their head like a mantra. Seeming too slowly they managed to stand a make their way towards the large oak door, that had been open from the moment the person had entered the building. 

Light filtered through the clouds that were slowly disappearing from the sky signalling that dawn would soon be approaching, the form still continued moving a little faster. The form knew as soon as they were out of the building and in the light there would be help... The good kind of help. 

Finally, after what seemed an eternity the figure stepped into the morning and lifted their head to the heavens. Ignoring the pain that wracked their body, the figure opened their eyes and smiled, the torment was over and for now they were able to live another day... To fight another day. 

The sound of tires skidding to a stop had the person looking towards the ground once again, in the almost deserted street was a Jeep and getting out of the driver's side was a young man...

The End

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