Probably. Well I’ve heard that a lot. Every day in fact. I’ve tried pleading with him. He treats me like we’re outlaws, or primitive, or something. I feel so small. I can’t give up hope. Love is so strong. It’ll drive people to do stupid things. Love for a place is just as strong. Now, when death is an everyday thing in Foxcastle, we are driven to insanity for loved ones. They’ve taken them. Our home-village is being torn apart, stone from stone, and all lead by Him.

Why did they have to do this to us? If only their weapons weren’t so strong, and our hope stronger. They say me and my book. Book indeed! I do love my books, but while they think I’m shut away reading, or playing the piano, I’m planning. Planning a way to get us away from this. We need a new way to rebel. Maybe I love my town more than anyone one else, but we need a way to free Foxcastle.

I may be young, but I’m the ringleader. So far we’ve tried making statements, and killing guards. Both didn’t go so well. But I’ve just read. Read about troop not having leaders. They wouldn’t know what to do. So now, I know. I will get close to him, the Stranger, and then he will be dead. The army he brought will be discouraged. We could get them out easily. So that is what we will do.

The End

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