The OpperationMature

It was early September and I had just gone back to school.

The opperation would remove a large chunk of the tumour which was embedded in the front left side of my dad's brain, but it wouldn't remove all of it. They couldn't. After the opperation my dad would be subjected to months and months of radiotherapy and chemo.

The night before, my parents dropped my off with my grandparents. When we said goodbye I held my dad tight, and didn't want to let go.

I felt a huge emptiness inside me that night, I stayed awake for most of the night, watching my little brother sleep. I felt alone again. And scared.

I wanted to go home, I wanted everything to be how it was before.

I went to school as normal the next day, mum said that it would distract me from what was happening, it didn't work.

I told my friends what was happening, they were very supportive, a few of them had been through similar things.

My gran picked me up from school and told me that my dad's opperation had gone well, that he was ok and we should be able to see him soon.

The End

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