When my dad was in the hospital he was ok - confused and dazed, not really himself - but ok in that he was conscious, didn't need life support or anything and could walk about the hospital.

The doctors decided it was ok for him to fly home, so he was home a few days after us, and a few days before my 12th birthday.

He was booked in for an opporation to remove the tumor in early September when my brother and I were back at school, but he still had to stay in hospital near home after he got back, he was determined be discharged before my birthday but the doctors weren't sure. 

I bought him a special cake incase he wasn't home in time, so we could celebrate my birthday with him at the hospital. I remember that it was a carrot cake because carrot cake is one of his favourites.

Luckily, he was discharged pretty soon, and he was allowed home for my birthday. My parents tried to make my birthday as happy as possible, we had all my friends round and my family, I got lots of presents... and lots of sympathy.

As bright and cheery as everyone tried to be, it was like there was a cloud hanging over us the whole time. Like everyone thought this would be the last time that my dad would be there for my brithday.  

The End

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