I remember feeling numb.

I couldn't feel anything at all.

The family dropped us off at our room and said they'd come back for us later and take us to dinner after we'd got changed. I told my brother to go for a shower, and I sat on my parents bed.

Tears started flowing down my cheeks and the sobs soon followed. I'd never felt so alone so... abandoned.

I calmed myself down, took a few deep breaths and pulled myself together, I had to be strong for my brother.

Me and my brother got changed in silence and went with the family to dinner.

They took us to a restraunt in the hotel, it was a fancy medditarranean one, there was a pig on a spit, turning round and round. I sat staring at it the whole time, watching it's flesh get blacker and blacker.

We sat in silence the whole time.

We decided to go to the show that night, it was a comedy one and my brother had been really looking forward to it. So had my dad.

Matt giggled the whole way through it, his laugh was so cute. It made me happy that he was smiling, he didn't really understand what was going on, neither did I but I knew it was bad. I wanted to protect him and make sure nothing bad ever happened to him, but I couldn't protect him from this.

It was dark when we got back to our hotel room, and it was eerily quiet. Not long after we got back I heard the front open and then door slam and my mum came running into the room. In all the panic she hadn't brought her purse, so she couldn't pay the taxi who was waiting outside.

She was frantically searching everywhere. I just watched her. I had never seen my mum look like this, so frantic and scared. Like a deer caught in headlights, she was always so strong.

She finally found money and paid the taxi driver. We all slept together that night, in our parents bed, for the first time in years. It was the only way we would have felt safe.

The End

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