When we arrived in Turkey it was hot - very hot. The hotel was beautiful and we spent the first few days exploring the local town and in the evenings we'd have a feast at the banquet and watch the various shows that were put on by hotel staff.

On the fifth day of our holiday, 4th August 2006 it was very hot, almost too hot. We decided to stay in the hotel by the pool, my brother and I spent the morning running around the pools, which were massive and filled with nooks and crannies, so they were brilliant to play hide and seek in.

When we'd finally worn ourselves out we went back to our parents to sit for a while. It was so hot and I was tired, and I was drifting off. I remember, my dad was reading this book and he kept laughing, but other than that the hotel was very quiet.

Then my dad made a strange sound -  almost like a scream and he was on the floor.

His body was convulsing and shaking, my mum was shouting at him but he couldn't hear. My brother and mum were screaming and screaming for someone to come help us, trying to signal the hotel staff. I was frozen. I couldn't move. I couldn't think.

Why wasn't anyone coming? Couldn't they hear us?

What was going on?

Finally, someone heard and people came running, we were surrounded, crowded in by strange people all shouting things, but I couldn't understand them. I couldn't hear them. I was still frozen.

"I'm a doctor!" One man shouted and I was jolted back to life, "Someone ring an ambulance and I'll put him in the recovery position,"

One of the hotel staff hastily started making a call and soon an ambulance arrived.

Paramedics rushed towards us, got my dad on a stretcher and took him into the ambulance. My mum ran with them, and then she turned back to me and my brother, who are still stood there, unsure of what to do.

"Go back our room. I'll be there soon," She said

"Do you want me to take them?" Asked a woman, "I'll look after them, they were playing with my two children before,"

My mum looked relieved and nodded, then she ran back to the ambulance.

We sat with the family for a while, a mum, dad and two children, a boy and a girl. I can't remember any of their names. But I'm very grateful to them.

They reassured us. Said it was probably the heat and it was probably nothing serious.

They were wrong.

The End

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