My parents were arguing constantly. My dad never did anything around the house, and as a result my mum was constantly stressed and had become increasingly lonely.

As my parents' marriage failed my dad started to turn to alcohol. He'd always liked to drink but he got worse and worse.

I remember I'd come to see him late at night and there would empty cans and bottles everywhere, he wasn't alcoholic but I still knew that he shouldn't be drinking as much as he was and I would often try to hide the bottles so that my mum wouldn't find them.

I was getting sick of the arguing, I didn't understand why my dad couldn't just try to help my mum more and I didn't understand why my mum had to be so highly strung. I just really wanted it to stop.

I never told anyone about it, I was scared of my parents getting divorced but at the same time I wanted it, I knew it would probably make both my parents happier in the long run.

My mum booked a holiday to Turkey, a huge holiday that cost a lot of money, where we would stay in a 5 star hotel in one of the most beautiful, traditional places in Turkey.

My mum later confessed to me that this holiday was supposed to be our last holiday together as a family. After we returned she was going to see a divorce lawyer and leave my dad.

But it never worked out that way, because of what happened on that holiday.

The End

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