For A YearMature

When I was 11 I went to high school and things got better, for a time anyway. I made new friends and managed to keep in touch with my old ones, most importantly I left the horrible children in primary school behind.

High school can be quite scary, though, I was quite innocent and naieve so I didn't understand a lot of what other children were talking about and often felt out of the loop, fortunately, my friends were the same. We were all 'weird kids', instead of going to the canteen for lunch we would sit in the library, away from the other students.

I'd always secretly wanted to be popular, but I soon realised that I was never going to be, and I started to accept myself the way I was. I also soon realised that popularity wasn't really that great and was glad I wasn't involved in those fake cliques.

For a year, things were great. I felt free.

But then things changed, and I began to realise that things at home would soon become completely different.   

The End

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