Where I StandMature

So... This is my story, I've been really inspired reading other people's stories on here and I hope that I can also inspire others.

I was born 20th August 1994, my parent's first child.

I was born into a very complicated family, that had many issues. My mum was Autistic, though she wasn't diagnosed for many years after I was born, and she'd had a very difficult childhood, her mum had 3 children by the time she was 17 and the family had struggled, they'd lived in a really horrible area where there was a lot of crime and they never had any money.

My Grandma and Granddad divorced when my mum was 13, and my mum was left to live with my Grandma, my mum and her brother and sister had really wanted to go and live with their dad, but they daren't say anything.

My Grandma had a lot of issues, we're pretty certain now that she had bi-polar and some form of split personality disorder, but my mum never knew this growing up, all she knew was that one minute her mum was happy, and lovely and kind, and the next she changed. She became violent and angry and drank constantly.

My mum and her siblings were forced to do all the house work, my grandma would force them to get dressed in the dark, even though she knew they were terrified.

My mum pretty much married my dad just to get away, she was only young and she didn't really know what love was because she'd never really recieved it.

I love my mum and my dad, but they were never really right for each other, and my mum would become more and more miserable as the years went on.


The End

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