Heather Thomas - Running

I ran through the forest, hoping that creature wouldn't catch me. The run seemed to take days and both minutes at the same time, and it almost seemed like I was running in circles. The creature would seem to be gaining. It almost seemed like if I turned around I would see it, that I should feel its breath on my heels. But I knew better to slow or turn around. 

Suddenly I was out of the forest, and onto hard ground. The light changed from the green light of the forest to a bright white light of the open air. The white of the ground seemed to just intensify the light. The only relief to this light was black cracks in the ground, cracks that seemed dangerously capable of widening.

It took me a moment to notice the sound of pursuit was no longer with me. Whatever was chasing me had not come out of the forest. I wondered why, whether it only dwelled in the forest or whether it was too scared to come out onto this plataeu. 

My question seemed to be answered, when the ground seemed to shake. Those dark cracks seemed to widen and suddenly I was falling. Like my run through the forest the time it took me to fall could have been days or just mere minutes. It seemed it was impossible to judge time in this place. 

Eventually, after what seemed forever and yet no time at all the fall stopped. There was no gradual slowing, I just stopped in mid air. I could no longer tell which way was up and which was down, all there was was darkness. Nervously I felt around and suddenly under my hand there appeared to be a door handle. Having no other choice but to remain in the darkness, darkness which always seemed to scare me as if there was something waiting to pounce, just out of sight, I turned the door handle. 

Rather than step forward I fell through the door sideways, stumbling on the suddenly level ground on the other side. I came face to face with two other people much to my suprise. It wasn't often that I invented people in my dreams.

They seemed to be staring at each other and only turned when the thud of my hitting the ground alerted them to my presence. I was the first to recover from the shock, getting to my feet and dusting myself off. Taking a defensive stance I confronted them. "Who are you and where the heck is this place?" I asked, hands on hips, glaring at them. 

The End

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