Mike- Drift

At about 11 Marie comes in, exhausted, and out of breath.

"Your still up?" She asks astounded.


"Whatever, but you should get to bed soon or else your gonna miss out."

"On what?Tomorrow is Saturday right?" I ask she pauses.

"Your gonna miss out on the camping trip."

"Camping? You didn't say anything about that earlier."

"I meant to sorry."

"Alright just let me finish this level and I'll be off."

"Okay be ready to pack first thing!" She calls from her room.


A half an our later I turn of the television and everything else, and head to my room thinking about this out of nowhere camping trip, just didn't seem like aunt Marie.  What ever It will be nice to have a campfire and exploring a forest.  I think to myself while getting comfortable.  In less than a few minutes drift off into sleep.  I was falling, Falling fast through a vast blue sky, it was almost like flying. I turn around seeing a green forest. The forest grows in size as I plummet to the ground, I start to think isn't this going to stop before I hit the ground.  I enter the jungles canopy the branches, breaking my fall, but it was hurting like hell. It shouldn't be hurting I'm in a dream. I Finally come to a stop hanging off a branch dangerously. I close my eyes waiting to jolt out of my bed. However I don't and a fall to the jungle floor.

"What the hell?" I ask myself getting off the forest floor. This definitely has to be a dream because no way would anyone survive the fall I just had.

The End

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