Heather - A strange new world

I had drifted off to sleep while listening to my music, and as always when I had awoken my headphones were nowhere to be found. They seemed to disappear in my sleep.

However, it wasn't only my headphones that were missing, I realised, on opening my eyes. My whole room, the house I lived in even were missing. I seemed to be in the middle of a jungle or something. 

I sat up, blinking against the weird light, and did the only sensible thing. I closed my eyes shut and pinched myself - hard. I was hoping that when I woke up I would be in my own bed. Opening my eyes, I quickly shut them again. No such luck, I was still in this jungle, or forest.

Realizing I must be stuck in some weird and strangely vivid dream, I decided to go with it. My alarm would wake me before too long, and who ever heard of any danger coming from a dream? Plus it was a change from my usual nightmares of my past. And yet some nagging doubt seemed to tell me that this dream was different, that maybe I should be more careful in this one. After all, there was that theory that if you died in a dream you died in real life, and this dream was more vivid than any of my dreams and nightmares.

A growl sounded from suddenly beside me, causing me to leap from my sitting position to my feet. Safe dream or not, whatever that was didn't sound friendly.

The growl came again, from behind me but closer. Not wanting to take my chances against whatever was out there, I took off running in the opposite direction to the sound, hoping to wake up before whatever it was could catch me. 

The End

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