I don't hate them, I severly dislike them


Mike Henny

I listen to my music while studying hard for an upcoming test, inside a mainly empty library filled to the brim in books due to the fact that we had run out of shelves. I unconsciously hum along to the tune when my face is plunged into a book, and my ear buds fall out as a hand holds my face down on my work.

"Hey dumbass!"I hear Billy Kryten's nostril driven voice.

" Freaking Nerd!" His friend Hadden says. I twitched in anger, not them again. I raise my right and  yank his hand away from my head he, pulls at my hair.

"Do you mind leaving me alone right now you stupid skids, you might see I'm currently working hard so in the future I can make retards like you my employees." I say just waiting for Billy to throw the first punch so I can call it self defence when he is in the hospital. He spins me off my chair, I get up calmly brushing myself off.

"You will never rise above me!Loser."  He sneers, and I see his rather unblemished face,and supposedly chiseled features, its the only reason why girls fall for him.

"Its funny what you define as loser. What I define as loser is someone who can't get anything above a I in school because they're are so busy skipping and getting stoned. The most you are going to achieve Billy is worse than your mother. You will be lucky to be hired as a Wal mart greeter." I say with the right tone theat irratates the moron. He throws himself at me just as the librarian enters the room seeing his flailing fist hit me and I stumble backwards toppling a stack of books. 

"Billy Kryten walk with me to the Principles now. Your behaviour is unacceptable!" The Librarian's middle aged voice pierces the slow Library air.

"I will get you Henny. I will make you learn your place in this school!"

"Oh how noble of you Billy, putting the local out cast in his place. Oooh your so strong and brave." I coo like the girls that fall around him.  He doesn't turn around but does stop for a moment before walking with Mrs Harris the librarian. I stand myself up looking at Hadden.

" This isn't over when you leave to go home, Billy and I.."

"Will what? What more can you freaks do to me at this school except beat me unconscious? Which I'm sure your friend Billy is incapable of doing Hadden. Why don't you do yourself a favour Hadden and leave me alone."  I tell him off. I know I don't hate these kids at the school, I severely dislike them. I won't hate people because people that hate do far worse things than me, like butcher and slaughter. I return to the last few pages of my work and quickly finish up before going home.  I exit the rusty school front doors the squeak and crack as the hinges move. The suns light barely hitting the rotting cement steps on along the quiet street surrounded by high rise buildings.  Two familiar figures waiting at the bottom of the steps. I walk down calmly ignoring them.  I turn right down the uneven sidewalk while an old breaking down Toyota  pickup truck stops beside me. Its my aunt Marie. I get in calmly.

"Hi Mike." She says quickly before putting the rust bucket into gear. She doesn't talk much and tends to not care to much about what I do as long as I don't interfere with her work, which she outright refuses to talk about. I look at her small frail body ,and her long  curly blond hair, and the cigar sticking out her mouth. I know she is my mother's sister but from the pictures I've seen of my mom they look nothing a like , and when it comes to the subject about my mom all my aunt would say is she stopped talking to her when she married my boring dumb father.

"Thanks aunt Marie. How was your day?" I ask, she takes her time to answer.

"I'm not sure but I'm gonna drop you off at the apartment. I'm working late." She says mumbeling through the cigar.  I had no idea what she worked as but understood she made alot of money judging by our apartment.

"Okay." I say. The rest of the 20 minute drive remained in silence. After six years of living with her I still really don't know aunt Marie we share little conversation, but under all of that I'm sure there is some care for me under all of her quietness. She stops and  I get up and walk into the very classy entrance to an apartment building with granite stairs and chrome plate railings along with key padded automatic doorway. The elevator is richly decorated yet I found it rather boring, since the ride to the top floor is pain painstakingly slow. Once at the apartment I find myself in a spotless apartment with beautiful hardwood flooring and flashy electronics and a carpeted living room with a big screen T.V and a few game consoles. I sit down on the leather couch pulling out the recliner. I never understood why my aunt has an apartment like this but I breaking down truck.  I turn the Television and look for something interesting on wishing my life didn't have people like Billy and was a little more interesting. I did this while knowing I shouldn't since I do have a roof and almost everything I ever wanted.

The End

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