Penelope Rose

  Dinner sat like a heavy weight in my stomach when I crawled to bed, sleepy from the day. My head hit the pillow, and instantly, I drifted to sleep, felling as if I was falling toward the inky blackness of my dreams....


  I blinked my eyes open, greenish tinted sunrays of morning calling for me. My clothes were damp and chilled-had I sweat terribly overnight? I held back a scream as I jumped up, looking around.

  I was in the middle of a jungle, thick leaves wet with rain creating a thick emerald umbrella I could not see beyond. The humidity curled my hair, a grey mist rolling through the underbrush and about my feet. Strange birds called in the morning air, creating the most peculiar chorus as it mixed with the bellow of the frogs and of other unknown creatures.

  Beginning to step through the shadows of the jungle, I cautiously walked towards a bright white light further down the way. I jumped as a stick cracked beneath my foot, and something scattered, invisible in the fog.

  I was sweating badly in the heaviness of the damp, hot air, but I neared the white light I had seen. Pushing back a branch gently with my hand, I stepped out of the jungle forrest and onto dry hard ground.

 It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the bright light. I shaded my eyes with my hands, peering them open to look around. The ground was solid and white, like concrete, though an infinite amount of cracks ran through it. The sky was the most bleached out blue it could be, almost white, with the sun shinning a pale, bright jewel, it's rays reflecting brilliantly off the ground.

  This must be a dream. Yet it felt so real.

  The earth quaked, rumbling as if preparing for a great belch. I threw my arms out, trying to hold my balance as I almost dropped to the ground. The cracks in the ground began widening beneath my feet. Hurriedly, I tried to dogdge the endless black ditches, growing larger and larger with each second. I failed.

  Screaming, the blackness swallowed me up, free-falling into the endless murk.


The End

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