Where Dreams Run Rampant

Seven troubled orphans are pulled into a land where dreams run rampant, where anything can happen....


 In a place where dreams run rampant, the imaginary becomes reality, the rules of life disappear, and anything can happen.

Seven troubled orphanes are pulled into a dangerous land of enchantment and imagination, and struggle to stay alive in a place with no bounds and rules.

A struggle which may cost them severly in the end....


The seven writers have already been pre-determined:




ZillaGirl-"Penelope Rose"






Penelope Rose Carter
Age: 16
Appearance: Long, wild curly red hair, bright, sky blue eyes, slightly sun tanned skin. Slender and delicate, long-legged.
Other: Quiet and somewhat of an outcast, tries to stay away from others and escapes into solitude. Her parents died in a house fire when she was seven years old. She only left with a burn on her back, a scar which still remains. Afterwards, she went to live with her mother's mother, who's stern, bitter nature bites at her.

Katie Johnson
Age: 17
Appearance: Short black hair, cut into a stylish bob. Emerald eyes, pale skin. Feminine features, slim and tall
Other: Very creative. Get's along with most people, and it takes alot to anger her. Lives with her mother who is quite young, and they are kind of like best friends. Her mother gives her no rules, and it's more like she's living with a room mate.

Xaen Tich
Appearence- Tall and dark, tonned healthy body. Blach hair and dark brooding eyes. Has harsh and slightly scary features.
Other- Was sold at age three to a farmer in the country, by his uncle after his father died of a heart attack. Was treated harshly, till he decided to run away. Was taken in by a kindly shop owner, who gave him work and a place to stay. Now self sufficient, he has grouwn to be of strong character, full of humility and hope in humanity

 Heather Thomas
Age 16
Appearance - Spiky blond hair and bright green eyes. Is short (about 5foot2) but always seems taller. Has many piercings
Other - She was placed in foster care at 6 years old after her mother was arrested on a drug charge. Since then she has bounced around foster homes, including some who weren't exactly nice foster parents. As a result she has become quick to defend herself, and appear the rebel, and doesn't let people get close. Seems rude and stand offish, but it is all part of her defense mechanism

Louise 'Lou' Robertson
Age: 17
Appearance: tall (6') and slim with long black hair with purple streaks
Other: Has been living in a flat with her best friend, Imogen, and her best friend's boyfriend, Robert, for the last year. She lived with a foster family beforehand, but didn't like them that much so she decided to leave. She knows nothing about her real parents. Now works in a bookstore after school to earn money. Is very open and friendly, but her height can sometimes be intimidating. Loves flirting with guys, which can kind of get her into trouble, although most of the time it's only a joke.

Mike Henny
age 17
Appearance:Short dark blond hair, deep blue eyes. Is about 5 foot 8. A little on the muscular side of things. Always wears a dark coat reaching above his ankles.
Other- Father died in a car accident, mother went missing a few months later, found dead in a ditch raped, and cut to an almost inhuman look. when he turned nine he was turned from his foster home to his mysteriouse aunt who keeps many secrets, and has lived with her up until this point. Isn't treated well in school.


The End

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