When You Lose A Loved One

It's a bit of a blur really when someone dies. A lot changes. Life goes on,you still age,you still go to school,you still do what you're expected to do but your smile has gone,disappeared. You've discarded it away like a used tissue,you don't want it anymore because the person you've lost isn't there anymore,to put it back on your face. Your heart isn't the same,there's something missing,like a jigsaw piece that's gone under the sofa and you only retrieve it years later and the words get stuck in your throat and you can't speak and you can't breathe and you can't stand the fact that everyone around you is accepting the fact that the person you love,the person you miss and the person you want back desperately just isn't here anymore.

So you convince yourself you can't let go and you won't let go and hope one day they'll magically reappear back into your life and months drag on and you become sadder and sadder,crying every night alone. You've become one of the quieter kids at school,you don't say much,you don't concentrate and everything just becomes harder and more painful. But where does that get you? That person wouldn't want you to forget them,of course you won't but they wouldn't want to see you upset,they want to see you moving on with your life knowing they love you for you and they are with you all the time,in your heart

So don't you ever tell me everything will be okay because it doesn't,it just gets better.

The End

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