Melodie Parks

The specters were at it again. Wandering around looking lost as usual, walking right through ordinary people as iftheywerethe ghosts. Melodie shuddered as a beheaded old man, still holding his decapitated head walked two inches in front of her.

“Hey, Melodie. We’re going to be late to the party!” Sabrina simpered. Melodie sighed. Sabrina was a pushover, and was only concerned with parties and the new season’s ‘look.’ Sabrina honked the horn of her convertible. Melodie reluctantly climbed into the passenger seat.

“You haven’t been drinking have you?” Melodie asked.

“On’y a little.” Sabrina waved a bottle in front of her face, winking.

“Oh no, you cannot drive! Let me!”

“No, no, you don’t know where the party is, and it’s my car!”

A specter smoked its way through the car, right between the two girls. Melodie shuddered again, Sabrina didn’t notice. They pulled off the curb and began speeding down the street. Melodie held the edges of her seat, then the door handle as the needle inched toward sixty.

“The speed limit’s only 35 Sabrina!”

“Feel that summer breeze!” Sabrina screamed through two red lights in a row, narrowly missing several cars as they swerved to avoid a crash. The party house came into view and Sabrina slammed the brakes, both girls lurched forward in their seats.

“Whoo!” Sabrina shouted. “Let’s go again!!” Several boys came out of the house each holding a drink of something red and probably full of junk.

“Sabrina’s goin’ joy ridin’!” They all hopped into the car, sloshing red all over themselves. Melodie groaned, reaching for the door handle, it was locked.

“nuh-uh sweet cheeks. You’ll miss the fun!” The boy behind her grabbed Melodie’s shoulder. The car started moving, reaching high speeds and screaming through stop lights and breaking every traffic law. Meleodie shut her eyes. The wind whipped past her fact, light blazed by. She heard a horn, then a crash, then nothing.


She opened her eyes to a white room and the smell of antiseptic. A nurse in a cheesy pink uniform leaned over the bed, adjusting something. More specters wandered around the room. It was probably where they died. Melodie sat up. She ached all over.

“What happened?” She said unoriginally. “The nurse looked at her sympathetically.

“There was a car crash honey; you’ve been out for days.”

“Days!” Melodie swing her legs over the side of the bed. “I gotta get out of here.”

“No dear, you have to wait for your family to check you out.”

“No family, I have to get home! My ani--” The nurse cut Melodie off midsentence.

“Dearie, you have to stay here.”Melodie sat back on the bed, crossing her arms. The nurse left the room. Immediately Melodie started disconnecting herself from the wires and tubes around her. He climbed out of bed, reaching for her clothes slung across the back of the chair, she slipped on the jeans as she left the room, pulling her jacket on over the hospital gown she was still wearing. She burst out of the front doors and almost directly into a specter. She stopped abruptly, knowing she looked like she just ran into an invisible wall. Melodie stared at the specter. It stared back, strangely aware.

“Um, mister?” Melodie addressed the ghost. “You um, you’re in my way.” The ghost stared at her, incomprehending.

“In your way?” His voice echoed strangely, he sounded annoyed. “You can see me?”

The End

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