Illianna Dianne

"For the last bloody time!" I complain as I hear footsteps coming behind me.

"Yes. This is the last time. I promise you." The familiar masculine voice tells me. I turn around to see him. As usual he is wearing a long black cape with an attached hood. The hood covers his face.

I open my mouth to say a snarky comeback but, before I can take in a breath, he whacks me over the head with something. I grunt and slide down to the ground. He hits me again and this time I yell as I begin to see stars jimfront of my eyes.

Who is this guy? I wanna watch him suffer and die. I don't want to go! I think as he hits me one last time. I fall into black.


With a groan, I sit up and have a look around me.

I find myself in an alleyway with rain pounding down. I look behind me to see a body lying in the ground below me. I let out a scream and jump up.

Looking at the person, I see that is is a girl. She has te same light blonde hair as me. The same childlike face. The same scar on the left cheek. She is wearing the same jeans and top as I am.

Am I having an out of body exPerience? I wonder to my self as I stare at the body that is identical to mine. Nope. You have to be calm for that. And I most certainly not calm! just then, I hear sirens coming towards me.

Oh no. The cops can't see me. They will arrest me I gasp. I look around again and see two bins to the side. I go over and hide behind them.

"The body is down here." A female voice days. It is a paramedic. She walks over to the body as a man comes behind up behind her.

"This is awful. Who would do this to such a young child? She looks what? Fourteen? Fifteen?" The male says sadly. I step out from behind the bins, glaring.

"I'll just have you know, I am sixteen years old. An I can tell you who done this!" I snarl but neither person looks up. I get angrier.

Glaring, I walk right up to them and wave my hand infront of the males face. he doesn't even blink.

"What on the name of the heavens?" I rage. I stomp my foot and then storm out of the alleyway.

"Sorry about this. We are a bit busy. You shouldn't have had to witness that." A female voice says as I round the corner.

"Where you talking to me?" I ask as I turn. I see a hooded figure. A figure exactly like the grim reaper should look like.

"Yes." The female said.

I gasped as a memory hit me do hard I stumbled back. I remember te guy whacking me in the alleyway. The pain that flooded down from my head to the rest of my body.

"I'm dead. Aren't I?" I asked her. I raised my hands helplessly and them did a double take. I saw a black mark on each hand.

"What is happening?" I ask the figure helplessly.

The End

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