Joey Faron

The sore beaten up pick up truck rumbled to life finally after a good five minutes trying to coax the engine to life. Joey gave out deep breath of happiness which came out as a big cloud of vapor in the cold Canadian winter. His phone rang.

"Oh not again my hands are freezing!" He said annoyed taking off his  snow covered glove for what looked like the third time that day," Hello!?.....Hello? Oh hey......Yeah its running.. I....I'll be rate over.....Ya no problem."  He hung up quickly shoving the phone into his pant pocket.

The Truck began to move as he slid the stick into first gear, the tires were sliding a bit on the snow, but after a month of experience he was used to this matter. He feathered the gas till the truck reached a reasonable speed down the hill for the conditions on the road. Up ahead he saw that the snow had yet to be plowed off the road. He cursed under his breath pressing the break but there was no response, not the slightest. Joey's face paled as he tried pumping the pedal. To make things even worse the car ahead of him had got it self stuck in the snow ahead. With only one last option he swerved to the right seeing the ghostly outline of a girl. Stunned he took air as his truck launched over the edge into Hawthorne park.


When Joey awoke he felt much lighter, he felt a bit disoriented but unusually fine for someone who had just gotten themselves into a car accident. He took note of his surroundings. The old  truck had taken quite a beating, the whole entire right side roof met the window.

"Hang on how am I on this side?" He said shocked turning to his left seeing his own body suspended by the seat belt, hanging limply with blood dripping from his head. He jumped in surprise and disgust rising through the air as if he was floating in water. He screamed. As he passed through the floor of the car. He landed ten feet away from the crash site shaking. Even as a soul he felt like he was going to be sick. Half an hour later the nausea passed, he was still in shock but to some degree he had accepted that he was now dead. The firemen had finally arrived at the seen trying to cut into the car to rescue his dead body. He walked directly right in front of the firemen but somehow he already knew they couldn't see him. He tried to touch one of the firemen but his hand just slipped through bringing the question why wasn't he slipping through the ground?

“Strange at first isn't it?” A girls voice said behind him.

The End

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