When you die

When you die you are brought to the afterlife by a reaper. But when demons have broken through into the afterlife and killed a squad of reapers that over look a town things begin to turn south for both the world of the living and the afterlife.


"Something is coming through a side dimension!" Shouted a dark haired woman sitting at a console that was now blinking warning signs all over it.

"What?" Said a man who had to be in his late thirties wearing a dark cloak and carrying a scythe typically depicting a reaper,"Seal the gate! Now!" He barked as he looked over the woman’s shoulder,"Seal off all exits and entrances! And tell me where they're are going to come through." 

"Sir the Breach is manifesting in the right atrium for eternal punishment afterlife."

"Thank you, get all able bodied Reapers down their immediately Kera!"

"Sir we sealed off one of the trainee's in the afterlife."

"We'll deal with that later!" The man barked  bring his scythe down causing a small explosion. The man disappeared through the cloud of dust leaving a pile of debris in the middle of brightly lit room composed of a few rows of consoles and mostly white.  The woman soon followed suit of the man, unknowingly about to meet her demise in the afterlife.

The End

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