When We Write

The expectations we expect when we write

When we write, we are always our own harshest critic. Some of us shy of what others might think and view the competition in amazement that theirs may never be found in the piles of work published in one way or another. And our dream being, that we can speak proudly "HERE IS THE BOOK, MY BOOK" the book that you have spend many insecure days on, the book that took you such discipline to put together. The book, your book in which you thought maybe subconsciously, no one would ever approve or were being nice when read. Ya that book was actually quite amazing.

Then we give our work, nervous on what they would think. And we writers hate when we hear, it was crap or even worse it was good. Because it leaves us with so many unanswered questions, one could not fathom of where to start. At the end of the day, if you feel you have done your okay best, then it is probably amazing. Go to people you know will talk Bologna. The people you deal on the daily anyway. And just improve yourself and improve it. As a writer, you can only grow.

The End

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